3 Summer-Perfect Hairstyles To Try This Season

Nothing is as quite refreshing in summer as a new haircut. Sure, a trip to the local barbershop brings with a welcome clean-up and even a shave even, but getting a treatment that helps you beat the heat? It doesn’t get any better. You don’t have to go full John Travolta-Esque bald to feel light and loosened up for the season. In fact, there are a host of cool haircut options for the warmer weather.

So, here are three haircuts that will make you look and feel great all summer:

  • Buzzcut

It is perhaps the most iconic and summer-appropriate cut on the list since it is pretty much impossible to overheat when a full head of hair is not weighing you down. There is also no maintenance involved except for maybe more frequent trips to the barber to maintain the close-to-the-scalp buzz.

  • High-and-Tight

One of the most versatile men’s haircuts out there, the high-and-tight, which is more popular as the tight fade with a cropped top, is perfect for summer. Even if you already have one, you can make it hotter weather-appropriate by going a little shorter in the sides than you would in any other season.

  • Surf rat

You may have never once been on a surfboard, but that should not stop you from looking like you are a pro. With the 1996 documentary The Endless Surfersetting surf culture as the ultimate standard of summer grooming, men have time and again fallen back on this style to address their summer hair woes. To channel that perfect beach hair, the key is in how you style it and not necessarily in the cut. However, you do need to have at least medium length hair to achieve that Matthew McConaughey in Fool’s Gold perfection.

Trust us; with any of these hairstyles, you are in for the best, coolest and most comfortable summer ever!

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