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David's Hair Styling NYC

You're in good hands with us!

David’s Hair Styling was established with the objective of helping people rise above the standards of a typical barbershop or a hair salon. We strive to fulfill the needs of modern men, women, and children by keeping ourselves fully equipped with a highly professional staff. Our team of professionals work hard to give people the transformation they want while making them feel comfortable. From hair care and styling to grooming products and beauty consultations, we can help you out in everything!


David’s Hair Styling provides a wonderfully peaceful atmosphere, creating perfect background for your restorative and relaxing journey. Our approach to beauty is through health and wellness to leave the day’s stress behind. We have created a relaxing ambiance in our New York stylez barber shop, which will allow you to get recharged for the days ahead. We have integrated the best elements from barber shops and hair salons to create a soothing environment for people. We guarantee to provide you excellent grooming services in comfy private stations which will leave you rejuvenated and refreshed!


We care about our clients and that makes all the difference! Our team of professional stylists is expert in their domain and can cater to all kinds of hair styling requests made by the clients. We are determined to make our clients look great and feel awesome about themselves. We do not just provide the best male haircut service in NYC, but also offer hair coloring, waxing, texturing, and other grooming services. Our professional stylists are happy to provide complete assistance in helping you figure out the right hair style and services that complements your looks and personality!

You’re in good hands with us!

DAVID YAGUDAYEV (Founder and Owner)
David’s Hair Styling was born due to its owner’s ambition to provide a exceptional barber, salon, and spa services at one place. David has achieved ample success in winning the hearts of his clients due to his innate commitment to quality. He personally ensures that his clients get the best services every time they visit. His cheerful nature, modest attitude and knack for hair styling makes him the best in business.

David’s Hair Styling has managed to become one of the best New York stylez barber shops due to the hard working nature of Joseph. He specializes in giving detailed haircuts, precise razor shaves, and an array of miscellaneous spa services.

David's Hair Styling NYC
David Yagudayev

Founder and Owner

David's Hair Styling

David's Hair Styling NYC Joseph
Joseph Galarza


David's Hair Styling NYC Amaury Nolasco
Amaury Nolasco

(Fernando Sucre, Prison Break)

Davids Hair Styling NYPD Free Haircuts
David and NYPD

Free haircuts to our NYPD officers for helping us with Hurricane Sandy!

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