1. The best straight razor shave  begins with a soothing hot towel which helps to open your skins pores, making for a softer, smoother, and closer shave.
  2.  Another benefit of is that it helps remove ingrown hairs as it exfoliates your skin.
  3. When done on a regular basis it will help to give your skin a healthier more radiant look.

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David's Hair Styling NYC Hot Towel Shave

EXPERIENCE THE BENEFITS of A hot towel shave

At David’s Hair Styling we offer the best Hot Towel Shave in the Flatiron District for just $24.  We start with a hot lather shaving cream followed by two hot towels and moisturizer creams. That is the preparation for a nice smooth clean shave. After the shave we apply cucumber massaging cream and aftershave.

If you have any questions or would like a shave, give us a call or stop in.

Soothing Hot Towel Razor Shave

Enjoy a traditional barber-style indulgence.


Get the best hot towel straight razor shave in NYC


Whether you want that perfect clean-shaven look every day or have other preferences, a straight razor shave is your key to a clean shave and soft and smooth skin. And at David’s Hair Styling, we guarantee you the best straight razor shave in NYC! We use high-quality products including the razors, shaving creams and aftershaves that are designed to indulge you in an enriching experience. Here’s what you can expect from our straight razor shave:

  • The closest shave you can get

Nothing can give you as close of a shave than our straight razor shave. Our barbers are trained to use these razors with a single, sharp edge that allows for maximum contact, thus cleaning out your face without leaving behind any stray patches.

  • No bumps or burns

Unlike the use of other blades, which causes dryness, irritation and razor burn, our straight razor shave will leave you with your skin feeling smoother than ever. This is because the single blade will cut through your facial hair in a single stroke, thus reducing the number of times the blade goes over your skin.

  • Long lasting results

With our hot towel straight razor shave, your 5 o’clock shadow will not show up for a few days. This will allow you to go longer between shaves and definitely save you time on your barber shop visits.

How does the hot towel help?

Our team of professional barbers take every measure to make your shaving experience as comfortable and relaxing as possible. And this is why we have included a hot towel treatment in our straight razor shave.

  • We apply two hot towels before we begin shaving. This hot towel helps open up your pores, allowing more of the follicles to be exposed. We believe that it is essential for a clean, healthy shave. This helps achieve a closer shave and also reduces the chances of a razor burn.
  • The towels also help soften the hair on your face. The razor then cuts through your hair much more easily and that results in less aggressive dragging on your face. We make sure that you do not experience any discomfort in the process, since your satisfaction is what we aim for.
  • You will also realize that our hot towel treatment is extremely therapeutic. When we wrap the towel around your face, it will not just relax your skin and hair, but also pervade your senses, thus allowing you to just sit back, unwind and relax.

You can even say that our hot towel straight razor shave is like a facial and a close shave all in one! We are dedicated to providing you a shaving experience that you will never forget.